Enhancing Customer Loyalty in Gas Stations with Altria’s Loyalty Program

 Enhancing Customer Loyalty in Gas Stations with Altria’s Loyalty Program

Altria Loyalty Program: Revolutionizing Gas Station Customer Relations


In the competitive world of retail, loyalty programs have emerged as a cornerstone for customer retention and business growth. For gas stations, these programs are not just a trend but a vital strategy to enhance customer engagement and drive sales. Altria's Loyalty Program stands out in this landscape, offering unique benefits and personalized experiences to customers.

Navigating Altria's DTP: Understanding the Three Tiers

Altria's Digital Trade Program (DTP) is a structured, tier-based system designed to incentivize and support retailers in enhancing their sales and customer engagement. The DTP stands for Digital Trade Program, offering distinct benefits at each level to cater to the diverse needs of retailers.

  • Tier 1: The Foundation of Engagementsome text
    • Scan Data Base Incentive: Rewards for each tobacco transaction reported.
    • Consistent Loyalty ID Promotional Fund: Incentives for submitting consistent loyalty IDs.
    • Multi-Unit Promotions: Altria-funded promotions for purchasing multiple units.
    • Loyalty Fund Program (LFP) Promotions: Targeted promotions for market baskets with a loyalty ID.
  • Tier 2: Enhanced Digital Integrationsome text
    • Includes all Tier 1 incentives.
    • Digital Trade LFP Offer: Additional LFP allowances on selected products.
    • Enhanced Retail Digital Coupons: Specialized digital coupon promotions for verified adult tobacco consumers 21+.
  • Tier 3: The Pinnacle of Personalizationsome text
    • Encompasses all Tier 1 and Tier 2 incentives.
    • ATC 21+ Data Incentive: Rewards for providing Adult Tobacco Consumer data.
    • Email Marketing Incentive: Incentives for transactions tied to email campaigns.
    • Electronic Age & Identity Verification (EAIV) Incentive: Rewards for implementing EAIV.
    • Personalization Plus (P+): Tailored promotions for verified consumers based on unique attributes.

Each tier of Altria's DTP is designed to progressively enhance the retailer's ability to engage customers, drive sales, and build loyalty. By climbing these tiers, retailers can unlock more sophisticated tools and incentives, making their marketing efforts more targeted and effective.

Maximizing Benefits with Altria’s DTP: A Detailed Incentive Breakdown

Explore the various incentives offered under Altria's Digital Trade Program (DTP), designed to enhance retailer participation and customer engagement:

  1. Scan Data Base Incentive:some text
    • Submit accurate scan data as per AGDC 2022 requirements.
    • Earn $0.005 per scan data transaction.
  2. Consistent Loyalty ID (CID) Incentive:some text
    • Regular submission of Loyalty ID/Rewards Numbers weekly.
    • Incentive rates: $0.03/transaction for 5-9 CIDs; $0.07/transaction for 10+ CIDs.
  3. Scan Data Maintenance Incentive:some text
    • One-time incentive of $120 per retailer.
    • Requires consistent weekly Scan Data submissions from April 3 to October 1.
  4. Digital Data Submission Incentive:some text
    • Enhances in-app engagement with Adult Tobacco Consumers (ATCs) 21+.
    • Incentive of $0.006 per Scan Data Transaction with Loyalty ID.
  5. Email Marketing Incentive:some text
    • Boosts awareness and engagement with ATCs 21+.
    • Communicates offers effectively.
    • Incentive rate of $0.003 per Scan Data Transaction with Loyalty ID.
  6. Electronic Age & Identity Verification (EAIV) Incentive:some text
    • Facilitates the implementation of EAIV.
    • One-time incentive of $250 per store.
  7. ATC 21+ Data Incentive:some text

Implementation of Loyalty Program: Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Understand and Choose the Right Loyalty Program

  • Preliminary Research:some text
    • Familiarize yourself with Altria's Loyalty Program and its features.
    • Understand the tiered structure of the Digital Trade Program (DTP) and its relevance to your business.

Step 2: Register and Partner with Altria

  • Enrollment with Altria:some text
    • Visit Altria Retail or contact an Altria representative for enrollment.
    • Review and complete the necessary enrollment forms.
    • You can reach out to Atlria If you have any questions at scandatahelpdesk@iriworldwide.com or call 1-844-230-3454.
  • Confirmation and Partnership:some text
    • Receive your login details from Altria (typically within 5-7 days).
    • Partner with an officially authorized service provider like SwiftSku for streamlined data handling and program implementation.

Step 3: Integrate Loyalty Program with Your Systems

  • SwiftSku Integration:  some text
    • Use SwiftSku’s IQ module for seamless integration with your POS system, especially if a back-office computer isn’t available.
    • SwiftSku will assist in setting up the loyalty program components in your system.

Step 4: Regular Submission of Data

  • Data Submission through SwiftSku:some text
    • SwiftSku ensures consistent weekly data collection and submission to Altria.
    • This data is crucial for tracking sales, rebates, and customer loyalty.

Step 5: Leverage Tier-Based Benefits

  • Engage in Tier-Specific Activities:some text
    • Participate in activities and promotions specific to your chosen tier in the DTP.
    • Utilize resources and tools provided by Altria for each tier to maximize engagement and sales.

Step 6: Utilize Offers and Discounts

  • Implement Promotions:some text
    • Harness multipack discounts, loyalty and other Altria-funded promotions.
    • Use these offers to attract customers and boost sales.

Step 7: Monitor and Optimize

  • Track Performance:some text
    • Monitor the performance of the loyalty program and promotions.
    • Analyze sales data and gather customer feedback to assess the impact of the program.
  • Adjust Strategies:some text
    • Utilize Altria's structured promotion guidelines for targeted marketing and effectively implement their predefined discounts to enhance customer engagement.


In today's competitive retail landscape, the Altria Loyalty Program is a game-changer for gas stations looking to elevate their customer engagement and sales. Through its tier-based structure and comprehensive incentives, this program offers a unique opportunity to foster customer loyalty and enhance overall business growth. By effectively implementing and leveraging the Altria Loyalty Program, gas stations can not only meet but exceed customer expectations, ensuring repeat business and a strong competitive edge.

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